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Integrated.  Intentional.  Inspired.

Our Approach Top

Biometric Innovative Options is a team of physical therapists, strength & conditioning coaches, and statisticians focused on combining biometric data, principles of physical therapy, and sports performance to decrease the risk of musculoskeletal injuries and improve performance and function of individuals, sports teams, and companies.  Our approach is simple, effective, and measurable.  We offer outpatient sports and orthopedic physical therapy, wellness services, and injury prevention programs.   


Inspired by the community we serve, B.I.O. Physical Therapy Inc. and B.I.O. Consultants LLC were created to help people perform at their best in sport and in life.  If you are motivated, B.I.O. wants to be part of your team.



Goals Oriened
Results Driven

As an outpatient sports and orthopedic physical therapy practice, we believe in healthcare, not business-care. Physical therapists at B.I.O. provide the treatment you need, not just the treatment that insurance companies will reimburse.  We provide hands-on personalized care where modalities are used as tools and not as substitutes for true physical therapy.  We strive to help you reach your goals while using all the skills and tools available to us as physical therapists. 

Patients First

Our passion is to provide the best available physical therapy to our patients by treating each one holistically with the attention and care they deserve.  We believe that happy, talented, motivated physical therapists provide the best care. That's why we've created a platform for the heroes in our field to excel in doing what they love. 

Patients First
Elevated Experience
Elevated Experience

We created a stylish and functional setting by meticulously appointing every detail with purpose and sophistication to provide you with an elevated experience.  A complete departure from the aesthetic of the traditional PT practice, our facility can only be referred to as a "clinic" by technicality.  We believe that your environment plays a large role in how you feel, and how you heal.  We hope you enjoy the space we created for you.

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