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"Our goal is to show students that there are many professional opportunities related to sports, both in sports medicine and technology."

Ada Jauregui, Founder, B.I.O.

Sports Medicine + Technology + Sports

Merging technology, sports medicine, and data analytics to expose high school student-athletes to science based careers in sports

EYI 2018 in 3 Minutes

"BIO & TEAM gave me an experience that has allowed me to separate myself far from my peers, as well as recognize my passion."


—  Fraol,EYI Alumni 2018

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Brittany Boyd, a Bay Area native and Cal Berkley alumni, plays point guard in the WNBA.  As the 9th overall pick in the 2015 draft by the New York Liberty, Boyd is pursuing her passion and athleticism at the highest level.  Having suffered a devastating achilles tendon rupture during a game, Brittany experienced first hand the fragility of a career as a professional athlete as well as the power of sports medicine and rehab which enabled her to return to competition.  Through her experience with BIO and EYI she realized that women need to be better supported in their athletic and educational pursuits.

As a female professional athlete, Boyd is well aware of the disparity in pay and treatment of female athletes in contrast to their male counterparts.  Through her involvement with EYI, Brittany has seized the opportunity to use her injury, and platform as a professional female athlete to empower young women in sport and education.   Her goal is to show young female student athletes that there is a place for them in athletics on or off the court of play.



In 2013  Erik Harris started playing in the Canadian Football League and stayed there for three years prior to being signed to the New Orleans Saints. After one year of playing for New Orleans, he was signed by the Oakland Raiders as a safety and has played for them for the past three years. 

Harris was raised by a single mother who taught him that diligence and persistence would enable him to become as successful as he could be. But in his youth, he didn’t have the privilege of growing up with limitless advantages to better his talents. Community members saw his hard work and soon came to recognize that his future would be bright if he pursued his passion with proper training. So neighbors and friends lent a helping hand and provided him with assistance to enhance his skills. 


Now approaching his fourth year in the NFL, Harris saw the opportunity to sponsor a local project that would provide assistance to today’s youth just as it was for him. He realizes that the youth of today is our future. There are many children who do not have platforms that facilitate their growth and now is the time to pay it forward.



Karl Joseph played football at West Virginia University and after graduation was drafted by the Oakland Raiders in 2016.  His mother relocated their family to Orlando, Florida from Haiti when he was eleven years old. As a single mother she raised two boys and taught them the value of hard work. Being raised  by such an empowering female figure, Karl Joseph learned the key to success: dedication and strong-will. 

Joseph is passionate about providing local and global communities with opportunities to achieve their goals. In 2018 he volunteered with Cliff Avril Family Foundation to promote healthy lifestyles and also incorporate athletic opportunities for Haitian children and families. Locally, he has extended his philanthropic acts to the community by financially sponsoring students and paying for their education. 

He believes that providing educational opportunities for the youth is vital to the successful society of tomorrow.



Time is the main reason I decided to get involved with the Empowered Youth Internship. Somewhere between high school and turning 40, I realized my time on earth is finite, and the purpose of my short existence is to ensure the quality of life continues to improve for future generations. I find philanthropy an effective way to support the future generations. When Ada and Alexis introduced EYI’s philosophy and practice to me, I knew right away their program aligns with my own beliefs. Recalling my own youth, I understand how early exposure and hands on internships can expand young people’s perspective and life. Supporting the Empowered Youth Internship in many ways brings meaning to my limited time here.




Ave Tucker is the CEO and co-founder of TM Financial Forensics, a business and litigation consulting company. He is a Certified Public Accountant and provides expert testimony on major litigation and dispute matters throughout the world.  Ave is also an Adjunct Professor at Stanford University School of Engineering, where he teaches two financial and management courses to graduate students. He attended George Washington University on a baseball scholarship. 


Ave is actively involved in a number of important philanthropic causes. He is on the Board of Trustees at George Washington University.  He also serves on the National Board of the All Stars Project Inc.  The All Stars Project has helped tens of thousands of inner-city youth and their families create success in their lives through various after school development programs as well as a nationally recognized program to improve relations between police officers and youth. In addition, he is a National Trustee of the The First Tee, which has helped hundreds of thousands of young people from all walks of life by reinforcing 9 core life values like integrity, respect, and perseverance through the game of golf.  Ave believes that supporting education and providing opportunities to underserved youth is important to strengthen our society.



Rich Hill, a current pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers has been recognized as an astounding athlete since his Freshman year of high school when he joined the varsity baseball team. In 1999, he was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds but humbly declined the offer in order to refine his talents. 

He then played baseball for the Michigan Wolverines. During this time, Hill pitched five out his thirteen games in a starting position. The following year he was drafted by the Anaheim Angels, but declined the offer and continued playing for the Wolverines his junior year. He was officially signed by the Chicago Cubs in 2002. Following the Cubs, Rich Hill played for the Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, Anaheim Angels, New York Yankees, Oakland Athletics, and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Hill is sponsoring this program because he understands the complexity of advancing skills through practice and at a young age. He believes that EYI provides room for educational, hands-on development that inspires one kid at a time to pursue their true passions in life.



Obi Melifonwu was born in London, England and moved to Connecticut at the age of three years old. Melifonwu’s prodigious football career at Grafton High School has opened up an array of doors of which he has been able to select his career path. After graduating,he attended the University of Connecticut and was a top player his senior year. 


After college, he then traveled to the Senior Bowl, NFL Combine, and Connecticut's Pro Day where he proved to be exceptionally talented and prepared for a professional career in the NFL. Obi was drafted by the Oakland Raiders in the 2017 draft and later signed to the New England Patriots where he plays the safety position and was part of their Super Bowl LII championship team.


Through many obstacles, Melifonwu has proved to be an astounding player and wishes to see the youth of tomorrow have the opportunity excel in the manner he has. He views EYI as a program that allows generations to come to perform to the best of their abilities through proper training and exposure.



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Thanks to our keynotes who made this an incredible experience. 

EYI Team

EYI, Founder

As an industry leading clinician, BIO PT founder, Dr. Ada Jauregui has worked with numerous collegiate, olympic and professional male athletes as well as professional male sports teams. She has taken note of the limited number of women working in sports medicine, strength and conditioning, and sports science departments for professional sports teams. In 2017, she was presented with the opportunity to rehabilitate her first professional female athlete, a WNBA player for New York Liberty. Ada was able to observe and learn about the inequality the player faced as compared to her male counterparts. The knowledge of this further fueled Ada’s interest to bring awareness to women in sports, specifically the WNBA.

Ada is very passionate about her profession and using her passion to inspire the next generation of physical therapists.  She is excited to continue to build her legacy with the 2019 Empowered Youth Internship.

EYI, Co-Founder

Alexis is an Oakland native and co-founder of TEAM Inc. She is a former collegiate athlete having played basketball at DePaul University and the University of San Francisco. Alexis has always felt a deep sense of commitment to community building through sport. After finishing her collegiate career, she worked in youth development and education before returning to school to pursue a Master’s in Sport Management, with a focus on gender inequity in sport. Recognizing people’s passion for sport in graduate school, Alexis wanted to be able to help youth channel that same passion for sport to build their future in the present, by engaging young learners in innovative and meaningful education to develop their own skill sets and be empowered to create their own playing field. TEAM was born from this linkage between technology and sports.  This convergence breeds opportunities for careers and Alexis is committed to promoting equity, access and pathways to power for underrepresented students in that space.


Community Outreach Coordinator

Since earning his Doctorate from the University of Southern California in 2010, Brian has kept up on the latest innovations in physical therapy by becoming a continuing education fanatic. In order to understand as much as possible about helping athletes return to function, and in order to give all his patients tips for injury prevention, Brian attends as many continuing education courses on running, functional strength rehab, and sports injury as possible. Brian gained valuable experience working as a physical therapist at a leading outpatient orthopedic clinic where he primarily worked with competitive athletes of all ages. Having successfully rehabbed NBA champions, pro boxers, and MLB pitchers, Brian’s skills have been refined and applied at the highest levels.  He not only applies his sports medicine knowledge to physical therapy but also to injury prevention in an active population as part of the all-star squad at B.I.O.

Program Coordinator, Los Angeles

Andi Tesoro is currently the Director of International Programs & Services for Futures Academy, a premier private school in Los Angeles and the Bay Area. Andi has been at Futures for almost 5 years, where she's held various positions including, Director of Community Outreach and Director of Admissions. Previously, Andi spent 6 years with Lincoln Child Center in Oakland, CA, working as a Program Supervisor for their School Engagement Program. Andi has considerable experience in education, mental/behavioral health and youth development. During her time in the Bay Area, Andi attained her Masters in Psychology from Dominican University. Andi's favorite and most meaningful aspect of her work experience has been building relationships with students and families. After calling Oakland home during her formative years, Andi is still a huge Golden State Warriors fan. Andi still has a competitive spirit, as she played college softball and basketball for two years.

Peer Liaison

Jessica Swalve will be attending the University of California, Santa Barbara this fall to study physiology and compete in track and field. She has suffered several injuries due to athletics, and through her exposure to physical therapy, she not only recovered, but also became interested in the career. Having seen several teammates undergo injuries without proper rehabilitation, she strongly believes in proper training and taking care of one’s body. In the future, she would like to practice sports medicine in order to share her experiences with fellow athletes, help them overcome injuries, and prevent future harm.


Off the track, she works with children in summer sports camps, leading kids in activities that use sports to teach teamwork and emphasize the positives of being active. In addition, this past school year she was the president of Interact, a service club that fundraises in order to help those in developing countries. Jessica strongly believes in helping others and always aiming to be the best version of herself.


Oakland Tech

As the American child of aging Chinese immigrants whose health and mobility have dramatically declined in recent years, I have seen the dire need for linguistically and culturally competent individuals in the medical field. Thus, my personal and professional goal is to become a multilingual healthcare provider who strives to ensure all her patients feel understood and advocated for despite language or cultural barriers. Combined with my 5+ years of experience practicing Japanese martial arts and sustaining countless musculoskeletal injuries from it, this observation has fostered in me a passion for orthopedic medicine. It is in pursuit of a career in orthopedics, specifically physical therapy, that I am involved in programs such as Sutter Health's Youth Bridge and UCSF's HealthLink. With Youth Bridge, I have gained 80 hours of experience interning in a hospital emergency room and hope to do the same in the Operating Room this summer. With HealthLink, I have received mentorship from a physical therapy graduate school student as well as learned and taught basic anatomy and career building skills to fellow high schoolers. I aspire to become educated to teach and elevate both physical and social mobility in those around me.

Oakland Tech

 I am a junior at Oakland Tech. I was born and raised in Oakland and I love the cultures and diversity that our community has. I am also a dancer I started dancing when I was 3 years old and from then it seems like I have never stopped. Helping people has always been in my blood because my mother is a Nurse and I feel like I was kind of meant to help people in some sort of way. I also enjoy sports a lot, my father works in the sports business so that also drew me into Physical Therapy for sports players because you can see the dedication every time they step into their arena and I know when you are injured you want to do everything that is possible to get better as soon as possible, and I feel like when I am in this program I’ll be able to help people get  back to doing the things they love.

Bravo Magnet

 I am a junior that attends Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet Senior High School. I was born to two lovely parents who are Mexican and Afro-Guatemalan making me a mixed individual. I am often described as optimistic, outgoing, and creative, but the best word to describe me is driven. I am self-motivating and a big dreamer. My favorite hobbies are drawing, singing, and running. I enjoy helping people with anything from being a shoulder to cry on, to administering aid to other athletes, to simply doing extra chores for people. My parents have always kept me active from a young age. I was in ballet from the ages of three to six, gymnastics and dance ages ten to twelve, and swimming, soccer, and basketball from twelve to fifteen. My dad often took me outside to play baseball for hours on end. When I came to Bravo as a freshman, I joined the track team second semester, and instantly fell in love with the sport. I joined the cross country team as a sophomore, which is when I discovered this new passion for appreciating the body. I found myself helping my teammates after they injured themselves and often gave them ways to help heal. I learned how to pace myself and how to keep a positive mindset during a race. This is how my interest in Sports Medicine( Physical or Occupational Therapy) came into play. From there, I discovered that I wanted to help people find ways to maintain a productive mindset/healthy lifestyle by exploring different methods to achieve a goal and help them learn along the way in addition to understand the importance of thanking our bodies for the hard work they do for us.

Bravo Magnet

I’m a Junior in Bravo Medical Magnet High School. My history in playing sports all started from the 2nd grade. From the 2nd to 6th grade, I played competitive soccer, flag football, volleyball, and basketball in La’s Best, an after-school program. Unfortunately, after culminating elementary, I didn't have the opportunity to join any competitive sports because of the far distance to practices and games. I was able to start joining sports again last year (my Sophomore year) when I joined our school’s basketball team, which I am still continuing to this day. Within the team, I am learning and growing from teamwork, courage, and perseverance. I am interested in the Sports Medicine/Physical Therapy internship because I am very curious in learning more about those fields for my future career path. I am currently taking our school’s Medical Terminology class to prepare me for the path in medicine. I want to experience the involvement in sports in a different way other than being on the court or field and I believe this is an opportunity that will help me expand my knowledge and desire to work in sports medicine.



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