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Natasha Nicolai, DPT

After several years as the lead DPT at a top sports and orthopedic clinic in the Bay Area, Natasha switched careers to pursue her passion for public policy.  After earning her Masters in Public Policy at Cal, she became a research analyst with one of the nation’s prominent public policy research groups where she continually works with other experts in the field to hone her research skills and apply rigorous and objective methodologies to program evaluation.  Natasha aims to apply both econometrics and classic randomized control trials to predict and prevent injuries.  Her background as an expert clinician in orthopedic physical therapy with 7 years of experience consuming and disseminating best practices in orthopedic medicine and movements sciences, along with her strong analytical skills uniquely position her to implement cutting edge research methodologies and statistical analysis at the B.I.O. Consultants.

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