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Summer 2018, B.I.O. Physical Therapy and TEAM Inc. partnered to create an internship for an Oakland Tech High School student athlete.  It is very important for both B.I.O. and TEAM to be active in the community and provide opportunities for the next generation of leaders.  At B.I.O. we were focused on sharing our passion for physical therapy with the youth by exposing them to our profession.  We targeted student athletes in the health academy because the internship is a perfect blend of athletics, sports medicine, and technology.

The 4-week internship was held at the B.I.O. Physical Therapy headquarters where the intern supported the day-to-day operations, observed treatment sessions with athletes and patients of all levels, and researched his assigned case-study.  

During his case study he learned about the injury of Britany Boyd, point-guard for the WNBA’s New York Liberty.  The intern was required to research achilles tendon ruptures, and analyze game film of Boyd in Sports Code, a leading sports film analysis software.  At the end of the 4 weeks, he was required to present his findings, conclusions, and learnings to the doctors of physical therapy at BIO.

The internship was purposefully designed to challenge the student at a graduate school level to give him real world exposure to the field of physical therapy.  Our goal is to show student athletes that there are many professional opportunities related to sports, both in medicine and technology.

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