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Rich Hill, a current pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers has been recognized as an astounding athlete since his Freshman year of high school when he joined the varsity baseball team. In 1999, he was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds but humbly declined the offer in order to refine his talents. 

He then played baseball for the Michigan Wolverines. During this time, Hill pitched five out his thirteen games in a starting position. The following year he was drafted by the Anaheim Angels, but declined the offer and continued playing for the Wolverines his junior year. He was officially signed by the Chicago Cubs in 2002. Following the Cubs, Rich Hill played for the Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, Anaheim Angels, New York Yankees, Oakland Athletics, and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Hill is sponsoring this program because he understands the complexity of advancing skills through practice and at a young age. He believes that EYI provides room for educational, hands-on development that inspires one kid at a time to pursue their true passions in life.


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