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My Cause

My Cleats

In 2019, we were proud to design custom cleats for Erik Harris to wear during the annual NFL My Cause My Cleats game. 


Erik is passionate about EYI because it allows him to use his platform to give back to the community.

Special thanks

So thankful to work with amazing talented individuals with a passion for the next generation.  Thank you Eddie for collaborating with us to design these very special cleats!

About Eddie

Eddie Axley is a man of many talents and much success. He has accomplished much in his life due to focusing on helping, “Humanity, good health and making this world a better place.”


Axley is a man of determination and ambition. His artworks are driven by inspiration from his childhood passions.


Eddie came to work with music artists and clothing brands in collaborations. He created designs that were once just small projects, but they were truly the building blocks of his career. As a Creative Director, Axley has inspired so many through his line of work. He does this because he believes that teaching and helping others realize that their work is more than just looks, it comes down to the story and emotion behind the art.

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