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Aileen Medina

Aileen has committed her life to helping others find a life-changing path to health and wellness through an integrated holistic approach.  She supports and motivates her clients to create a balance of the mind, body, and spirit, to cultivate their personal growth. Having earned her Masters of Science in Exercise, Fitness and Health Promotion from George Mason University, Aileen has applied her skills in diverse settings ranging from orthopedic clinics where she worked with active populations including professional athletes, to holistic wellness centers and college programs as a wellness trainer and educator.  From her vast experience she learned that whether the goal is performance gains, injury prevention, or rehabilitation, the human body must be considered holistically as a multi-dimensional unit.  Aileen's deep knowledge and experience in athletic training, nutrition, and wellness coaching makes her the complete package and perfect fit for the B.I.O. Consultants.  

When she is not rejuvenating her spirit by mediating and tuning her om’s during her yoga practice, you can find Aileen challenging her body while rock climbing in the NorCal outdoors.  

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