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Pursue better.

When you are ready to start your pursuit...

We will be here.

Our mission at B.I.O. Physical Therapy is help you unleash your potential.  

You bring the dedication.  We bring the knowledge.

Our commitment


We will bring our A game to every treatment session.  


We will hold you accountable to trust the process and do the work.


We will be open and transparent with you about your care.

Our focus

We are a full service out-patient physical therapy practice that focuses on sports orthopedics.  Although we work with patients at all levels, sports, and activities, our most successful patients are highly motivated individuals with strong determination to return to activity. 

Movement quality

Correct inefficient movement patterns and asymmetries that hinder your performance and increase your risk of injury

Strength & conditioning

Improve strength, power, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular health efficiently


Improve the quality of the food you eat in a practical sustainable way

Working with us



A phone interview to understand your medial history, activity level, and goals.  This interview will help us, and you, decide if we are a good fit.



Your first visit will be a thorough evaluation to set a baseline for your movement quality, body composition, strength, and endurance


Plan of care

Tailored program to address your specific needs to help you reach your goals 

Request an appointment

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