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Our patients trust us to guide them through the rehab process.

We trust our patients to commit to the process.

We share the results.

Our mission at B.I.O. Physical Therapy is to provide you with the care you need to get the best results as fast as possible.

We believe that successful outcomes are the result of collaboration and teamwork.  We are one piece to the puzzle and you are the most important piece.

Our commitment


We will bring our A game to every treatment session.  


We will hold you accountable to trust the process and do the work.


We will be open and transparent with you about your care.

Our focus

We are a full service out-patient physical therapy practice that focuses on sports orthopedics.  Although we work with patients at all levels, sports, and activities, our most successful patients are highly motivated individuals with strong determination to return to activity. 


Patients who recently had surgery and need rehabilitation


Non-surgical injuries or the patient is looking for a non-surgical intervention alternative


Address old nagging injuries or just need help to maintain performance

Working with us



A phone interview to understand your physical therapy needs.  We will ask you about your injury, medial history, and goals.  This interview will help us, and you, decide if we are a good fit.



Your first visit will be a thorough evaluation to better understand your injury and develop a plan of care to help you reach your goals.  It will also include your first treatment session.


Plan of care

We will execute the plan and progress you through the rehab process which may include manual therapy, modalities, and exercises.  

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