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In 2013  Erik Harris started playing in the Canadian Football League and stayed there for three years prior to being signed to the New Orleans Saints. After one year of playing for New Orleans, he was signed by the Oakland Raiders as a safety and has played for them for the past three years. 

Harris was raised by a single mother who taught him that diligence and persistence would enable him to become as successful as he could be. But in his youth, he didn’t have the privilege of growing up with limitless advantages to better his talents. Community members saw his hard work and soon came to recognize that his future would be bright if he pursued his passion with proper training. So neighbors and friends lent a helping hand and provided him with assistance to enhance his skills. 


Now approaching his fourth year in the NFL, Harris saw the opportunity to sponsor a local project that would provide assistance to today’s youth just as it was for him. He realizes that the youth of today is our future. There are many children who do not have platforms that facilitate their growth and now is the time to pay it forward.


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