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Brittany Boyd, a Bay Area native and Cal Berkley alumni, plays point guard in the WNBA.  As the 9th overall pick in the 2015 draft by the New York Liberty, Boyd is pursuing her passion and athleticism at the highest level.  Having suffered a devastating achilles tendon rupture during a game, Brittany experienced first hand the fragility of a career as a professional athlete as well as the power of sports medicine and rehab which enabled her to return to competition.  Through her experience with BIO and EYI she realized that women need to be better supported in their athletic and educational pursuits.

As a female professional athlete, Boyd is well aware of the disparity in pay and treatment of female athletes in contrast to their male counterparts.  Through her involvement with EYI, Brittany has seized the opportunity to use her injury, and platform as a professional female athlete to empower young women in sport and education.   Her goal is to show young female student athletes that there is a place for them in athletics on or off the court of play.


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